General note about the prints:  all prints are, by default, produced with margin in order to facilitate handling of the sheet, to avoid damage to the borders of the printed area, to facilitate framing, space for signature, numbering, etc. In addition to all this, it is known that almost every artwork suffers its first wear & tear on its margin: The existence of an empty space protects your work and your customers' investment.

For A5 and A4, we set a margin of 5mm (just over 3/16 inch). From A4 to A3, a margin of 10mm (little over 3/8 Inch). From A3 to A2, a margin of 15mm (just short of 5/8 Inch). A2 and bigger, a service standard margin of 25mm (1 inch).

Do you need some other value for your borders or even borderless prints? Get in touch or pass on that information when we respond to your order request.

Pigmento prints in any format or ratio, standard or not. 

Send your files through WeTransfer and make use of info@pigmentocoolectivo.com as the email address to send to. In the message box you just need to place your name (just for our tracking), but you can place any information you may find relevant.


Send an email to info@pigmentocoolectivo.com with the following:

  • Name and address for payment, name & address for shipping, etc;
  • Your paper of choice, formats or dimensions, quantities;
  • Any other relevant information for the job you are ordering.

Wait for our contact to confirm the order and the amount charged for it (we'll send you an OT (formatted document). If everything is as requested, you may then proceed to payment. You'll be able to pay by bank transfer, Paypal ou Stripe.

As soon as we get payment confirmation we will start production. Never before.

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